June 10, 2012

Bliss is….

:: having a late dinner date on a Saturday night with handsome hubs

:: sleeping in till 10AM (uninterrupted)  Sunday morning

:: 2 hr walk with hubs, with a stop for froyo (chocolate-coconut swirl, yum…) and the Farmers’ Market

:: 1hr on table with RMT….hands down, the best massage ever!!

:: 50% off sale at optical store on frames & lenses right when you need it

:: listening to Cai detail out his super-fun sleepover and day at the Maritime Museum & Kite Festival with PapaJim & Grandma

:: chowing down on Malaysian food at a new-ish joint (Rojak!)

:: gratitude for everything and everyone you have







Cai Gems

May 30, 2012

I’ve so much catching up to do on this blog! May is always a whirlwind month for us, and this year was no different. In a few days, I’ll have caught my breath and be ready to recap, but until then – here are some memorable words from my funny little man….

:: one Sunday after Church, Cai scrapped his knee while running around. There was a little blood, but tears were shed and he had his pouty lips in full-force! The next morning, he came running into our room saying, “Mama, last night while I was sleeping, Jesus healed my owie!” He proceeded to show me a fully healed knee. 

Oh yes, that Jesus & his many miracles…. ;)


:: in talking about an expectant mother and baby’s birth, Cai had this to offer: The baby could be a boy, or a girl. Or a dinosaur. 

Hmmm, maybe it’s not too soon to have that little talk on biology afterall…


:: “I want kisses for breakfast!”

4-year old sweet boy goodness I just want to bottle up forever. ♥

The Egg-cellent weekend

April 9, 2012

The Easter festivities for us began on Wednesday evening; Cai (and I) baked Chocolate Chip Mini Egg cookies to share with his friends at school. The cookies were a big hit – I know this because when I went to pick Cai up at the end of the day, a few of his friends gave me hugs / thumbs up for yummy treats – such cuties!


On Saturday, we attended 2 Easter Egg Hunts (and needless to say, by the end of the day, I was wiped out!)

At Easter Egg Hunt #1, Cai had more fun showing his little buddy, CL, the trails and “secret paths” around the park. The weather was gorgeous, so it was a lovely to soak up some Vitamin D and enjoy time spent outdoors (sans rain).

Shades on, Easter bucket in hand – all’s right with the world!



Easter Egg Hunt #2 started with egg dyeing and then the race was on to collect as many plastic eggs as possible. (Plastic eggs were redeemed for bags of candy at the end, and some even contained a loonie or twoonie. Um, that’s a dollar or $2 dollar for my non-Canadian friends…)




Easter is such a time of hope and redemption, so lovely to have 4 consecutive days of sunshine to enjoy while celebrating His glory.

Ever since he was a baby, Cai was not one who took to a “lovie”. I’m sure there are lots of other interchangeable names for lovies, but y’know – I’m talking about a favourite and well-loved stuffed animal or blanket that a child holds on to for dear life.

Recently, however, Cai’s been all about James Bear, the cute little blue bear pictured below. James joined our family over a year ago (he was a random gift from a stranger at a park when we lived in the Seattle area…I realize how sketchy this sounds, but it turned out to be a harmless episode). James was just another toy in Cai’s stuffed animal collection, but somehow earlier this year, James has become Cai’s lovie.

Perhaps because he’s an only child, Cai makes stories up and plays with James. Anytime we get ready to leave the house, Cai will either ask who’s babysitting James (hah!) or ensure the stuffie is safe and secure. Cai even brought James to a Valentine’s Day party last month, where James was introduced as his baby brother (haha!)

I love this innocent and wacky stage.


In other news, 2012 has been shaping up nicely for all of us. Some notables:

:: Cai’s Kindergarten acceptance letter arrived. This is for public school, but apparently his school is highly sought after and generally overloaded with applicants. Thank goodness for living in the catchment…. (And on that note, I expect to shed proud mama-bear tears on his first day of Kindy in September….stay tuned for that blog post!)

:: We enjoyed super weekend in Whistler with Seattle friends  2 weeks ago. Perfect Spring conditions, sunny & warm weather, and good company. From Cai’s perspective, Whistler can be summarized in 2 words: Tube Park. Hours of fun was had by the daredevil child. Pictures to follow.

:: Leif and I volunteered at Passion Vancouver. It was a heartfelt and inspiring night of worship…and I just have to say that Chris Tomlin & band are even more awesome live! I can also attest they are lovely, lovely human beings as I had the very cushy gig of backstage hospitality. Leif’s volunteer job was more hands-on, as he was in Registration, which was mostly outdoors. God sure has a sense of humour, coz even though the sun was shining in Vancouver that day, it was cold and windy….and Leif does not do cold. I was proud of him for putting on his happy face to serve, nonetheless. For more about Passion Vancouver, check this link out.

:: I’ve had my eyes peeled on the Trayvon Martin case. My heart breaks for his family; my mind doesn’t comprehend WTF the police authorities are / are not doing; and overall, the race / racism aspect of the case jolts me (even though it shouldn’t).

As the phrase making its way in the Twitter-verse goes, “Hoodies? I wear that. Arizona tea? I drink that. Skittles? I eat that. Justice? I want that.” 

:: We got to hang out with more Seattle friends this weekend. Cai and his buddy O picked up and played like a year had not passed. At one point of the afternoon, we put a movie on for the kids – Cai was quite engrossed in it, while O didn’t care much for it. She tried a few things to get his attention before finally nudging him with a hockey stick – LOL.


Here’s to an uplifting week!

Because I’m a Master Procrasinator, it’s only taken me ~2 years to get around backing-up the contents of my Macbook. And this is after the original hard-drive of my Macbook book died on me in 2009 (and when the Houston Galleria Apple Store gave me such stellar service it resulted in a Yelp review).

The back-up exercise gave Leif & I an excuse to look through old pictures of Cai. From his first 12 months, this is one of Leif’s favourite picture of our l’il guy:

Cai @ 16 weeks. Leif loves how Cai’s striking a pose and showing off those impressive rolls of chubbs!

And this is my probably my fave picture from Year 1. How can you not love that sugar-bear face?!

Year 1 feels like a long time ago now that we’re at Year 4.25 as parents.

And last night, as Cai asked me if he could have my wedding ring to give to EB (the little girl in his class whom he’s sweet on, needless to say), it absolutely hit me that he’s not that little anymore. We had a very interesting conversation about marriage and gender roles (“When I go to coach soccer, EB will stay at home with the baby,” he said. I quickly pointed out that he would be just as responsible for taking care of baby, to which he replied “Oh yeah, I know how to do that…” very nonchalantly.)

I can only hope he always communicates with us about his hopes, dreams and plans for the future as he continues to grow.  :)

Love, sweet love

February 7, 2012

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Love is certainly in the air.

Cai’s little friend, EB, told her mom that when she grows up, she wants to marry Cai. How sweet, right?

Cai, however, told EB, he wants to marry another classmate of theirs – a little boy, CO. At age 4, Cai seems to understand marriage is about the aggrandizement of property – his reasoning is that CO owns Transformers (wherelse EB does not).

Too funny, right? :)

And if Cai grows up and decides that his heart does belongs to another boy, I am okay with that. I can’t be more eloquent and soulful than Glennon (aka: Momastery), so please do yourself and I a favour by reading A Mountain I’m Willing to Die On. (It’s easy to see how and why Glennon is the hottest ticket in the blogosphere right now – am I right?)

And it dawns on me now that this entry is all very fitting in light of Proposition 8 today.

To love, to equality and to the journey….!

01 recap

February 1, 2012

::January – the Coles Notes version::

I turned a year older. And for the first time in a very long time, I was not quietly morose on the days leading up to my birthday, I was not anxious over what I have not yet accomplished in life, I did not have a mini-meltdown as I usually do, which means spending my actual birthday putting myself back together emotionally. I really just enjoyed the day: a little Zumba in the morning, lots of birthday emails & Facebook shout-outs and love, afternoon spent at work (4 hrs of my life I’ll never get back, but that’s another story), dinner-date with handsome husband @ Chewies (fresh oysters, yum!)

Leif asked me why this year was different, what changed. For me, it’s been about “letting go and letting God”, as the saying goes. It’s been good.

BFF love – girly weekend fun with best friends. A lovely treat for the soul considering none of us live in the same city any more. Eating, shopping, eating, playing with make-up, drinking, eating, drinking, dancing – rinse & repeat….need I say more.

Work is good. When I think back to the last 6 months, the workload and projects thrown my way, life at work has gotten so much better and simpler. There’ll always be element of stress – and who am I kidding…part of me thrives on that – but not having work on the brain 24/7 is refreshing. And long overdue!!

Lunar New Year. Cai wore his Chinese outfit to school on the 1st day of Chinese New Year. We had a very non-Chinese meal on the 1st day (this is what happens when I am left to my own devices), but have since made it for it with meals and celebrations with family. Here’s to a healthy & prosperous Year of the Dragon!


Cai & his #1 fan (aka: Grandma), CNY 2012

Oh Twelve…

January 1, 2012


We spent NYE at a kid-friendly “New Years @ 9pm” party. Here’s Cai at 8:55pm PST, ready to ring in the New Year! Earlier that day, we had Skype’d with my extended family in SE Asia and the UK, gone to a mall across town to do some Christmas present exchanges, I had a hair-cut appt and then fixed a dish for the party. Needless to say, New Years at 9pm felt just about right!




A few days before NYE, I was asked for 3 words to summarize the year that 2011 was. My answer?


I went back to full-time work in 2011 after a year & a half as a stay-at-home-mom… and so the juggling act began! My new job came with a slight learning curve, but things really got interesting (which is a euphemism for batshit crazy) in the summer, when a huge account / Client landed in my lap. Leif got involved with coaching football on the North Shore, and between practices and games for the kid league (11 to 13 yr olds) in the Spring, and then high school football in the Summer/Fall, it was a pretty large time investment. As for Cai, in addition to being his cute self, he was busy with swimming & Mandarin lessons and tried out Soccer in the Spring.



I’ve found life as a working (outside of the home) mom to be rewarding. It’s nice to have Office/Work Me and then Mommy Me. Sure, sometimes the days are long and there are never   hours in the day, but it also makes me value the time I do spend with my child so much more. I remind myself to be fully present when I’m with Cai…and to set the Blackberry down and just walk away :)



We grew new friendships and strengthened existing relationships; we grew in our faith; our marriage grew stronger; and unfortunately, our waistlines grew some too – heehee.


My only resolution for 2012 is to use re-usable bags when grocery shopping – that’s one green habit I’ve failed to adopt. I’m sure there are plenty more resolutions I should be making!

Here’s to a 2012 that is joyful, healthy and meaningful….and the small stuff – don’t sweat it. 




Merry Christmas 2011

December 27, 2011

Christmas is Leif’s favourite holiday.

Unfortunately for him, the last 2 Christmases have been a time of transition for our little family. Christmas 2009, we were moving from Houston to Seattle, and Christmas 2010 saw the move from Seattle to Vancouver. Fortunately for us, no major life changes happened this year, so this holiday season was just about enjoying everything happy, merry & bright.

Santa was very generous to all of us this year. The most exciting part of Christmas morning for Cai was not actually opening presents, but seeing that the milk and cookies treats left for Santa was consumed. Of course, following that, ripping open presents was a major highlight :)

Leif, Cai and I hope you & yours had a blessed Christmas!

The big 4

November 17, 2011

Since turning a year older last week, Cai’s all about reminding me he’s not a little boy anymore. Any references to little are met with a lengthy explanation of how’s he’s big now – and strong – and he can do a lot of things by himself. Not a baby anymore, nope – but still very much my sweet boy.

His 4th birthday this year was pretty epic. Grandma Millie came to visit from Florida, so for the first time in his life, Cai had all of his grandparents in one city. And all of them ready to celebrate his birthday with him! His birthday party was a couple of hours of non-stop bouncy castle fun with some friends from his school, some friends from our Church, his older cousin and some family friends.

Safari-themed birthday cake

Grandparents united

Grandmas, mama & Cai

The day after his birthday party, we drove up to Whistler for a short getaway. It was fun to show Millie around the Village, and check out the Olympic monuments. We woke up the next day to snow; it was also Cai’s birthday proper and he announced it had snowed just for him. Ummm, yeah – coz that’s exactly how Mother Nature works!

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Birthday brunch….(with a whole lotta “cheese”!)

The month of November is one of the gloomiest in the Pacific Northwest, but Cai always adds the sunshine to our days.  Here’s to your 4th year, Sugar-Bear.




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